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The Whole Tooth: The Final Update (How everything ALMOST worked out.)
The Avengers: A Hell On Earth Movie Review

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TATU: No longer underage, no longer lesbians, but most of all: No longer any good
They're Back. Who Cares.

Tatu are back. One of them has given birth to a baby girl, killing the "lesbian" angle. Both have boyfriends. All this would be forgivable if the new album were any good. READ MORE ]


A Different Flavor of Hell
An obscure Florida band decides to feature a Live Suicide on stage. Chaos ensues and this site gets inundated with e-mail -- all because it shares the name of the band.

Two Russian girls kiss on Jay Leno, sell records and make out on stage. When they started out, they were underage. Now they're overexposed.

The Hedgehog and The Rabbit: A fable about how Rabbits and Hedgehogs might be able to get along -- and the true story of how this tale utterly failed to impress the woman for whom it was intended.

The Whole Tooth
Year 2001 Round-up: The (hopefully) final update for the "Whole Tooth" section recaps everything that happened over the Year The Site Forgot: The bridge, the pain -- and the Advice.

Bunnies & Sheep
Sheep By The Sea: Everybody has a right to a vacation... even if they are a couple of plush sheep. Lois & Clark went to the sea, to catch some rays and meet the locals.

While the world recoils with shock from the events of September 11, 2001, the world's last superpower is gearing up its troops. And I sit here, recalling events from Grade School.

Bunnies & Sheep
Under professional lighting conditions, Rabbits and other critters reveal their inner nature to the inquiring lens of the photographer!

Gallery: Reach Out And Grab Someone (Why draw expressively, if the computer will do it all for you?).

The Big Explosion
A Tale From Hell: The headache had been gnawing at him since early in the morning. His shoulders hurt. His brain had trouble getting into first gear. Work was hell. The sun was too bright, the air too warm, his boss too chirpy.

(There's a What's New page.)

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