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About The Bunnies

Excuse me, what's this all about?

You are surfing the Sheep & Bunnies site, which is part of the Hell On Earth domain.

On this site, you will find images of many, many Bunnies and their growing number of friends: Sheep, Bears, Mice, Cats, maybe an odd reindeer. A list of all these beasts will eventually be available.

Who did this?

First, MOATMAI came up with an idea. Then Ray (a friend of MOATMAI's) came by to take some beautiful photos.

MOATMAI built the site, revised it repeatedly ( most recently on November 5, 2001 ), did some drawings and eventually took some additional photos with a borrowed digital camera.

More recently, Ray and MOATMAI took some horrid photos of bunnies that burn. Presently MOATMAI is rebuilding this section from scratch.

Where are the Burning Bunnies?


Nice pictures!

Thanks. Most of them were shot with a genuine Leica. Digital photos were fudged with two Olympus cameras. Illustrations were doodled with Painter. Post-processing (coloring) was done with Photoshop. Some vector imaging done with Xara X.

Most Images have been photographed by RAY. Color photographs and artwork are by MOATMAI. You can contact RAY through MOATMAI, if need be.

The Fine Print (Copyright Information)

All images on this site are protected by copyright. Please don't reproduce or distribute them without our permission. If you find any of these images on another site, please let us know. Thanks in advance.

If you have any quesions, why not ask.


Hell > Bunnies & Sheep > About The Bunnies

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All Content © 2001 by MOATMAI (text, design) and Ray (b/w photographs)
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