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The First Bunny: Socrates

Hello, my name is Socrates. I was the first bunny ever in MOATMAI's household.

One day in 1992, MOATMAI was worrying himself sick over an impending exam. He had barely come to the conclusion that he would need a good-luck charm when he passed by the shop window where I was sitting, waiting for somebody to pick me up.

Everybody knows that rabbit feet are lucky. Well, he saw me and decided that two big rabbit feet might tip fortune's scale a bit in his direction. He stepped into the store, pointed straight at me (I was already wiggling my ears in anticipation) and said: "I want that one, please." And he took me home, and he passed the exam.

Socrates says hi (16k)


Hell > Bunnies & Sheep > Socrates, The First Bunny

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