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Introducing Xanthippe

MOATMAI met a wonderful woman who had the irritating habit of always snuggling with Socrates when visiting. One day, he presented her with another bunny, virtually identical to Socrates -- me, Xanthippe.

This didn't help at all. All lone in MOATMAI's dorm room, Socrates sulked. Sitting in the wonderful woman's apartment, I sulked.

When MOATMAI brought Socrates along on one visit, the bunnies' mood visibly brightened. From then on, the beautiful woman brought me along on her visits, and when MOATMAI visited her, along tagged Socrates. When they had sleep-overs, so did we.

Eventually, the four of us moved together. The two humans married. Bunnies don't marry, not even Hef.

Xanthippe, Socrate's S.O. (17k)


Hell > Bunnies & Sheep > Xanthippe's Arrival

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