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Valhalla's a Star

Hello, I'm Valhalla, welcome to my home (page) -- you're just a visitor, as you no doubt are well aware.

MOATMAI found me in a hairdresser's store window where I was scratching against the glass. He was kind enough to get me out of there but I'd have found another nice home soon enough.

Anyway, you've probably already met Plato who's my significant other. He's very supportive, which is nice. And he's so undemanding. And I'm a star because the first time MOATMAI made a computer drawing, he painted me (yes he did!). And why would he paint me, if he hadn't immediately recognized my star qualities!

Interjection: Actually, MOATMAI drew Valhalla because she's composed of rather simple shapes.

Shoo! Who needs you anyway! Get your own home page! I'm a star, you're just a dental patient! As I was saying...

Valhalla, self-proclaimed Star (21k)


Hell > Bunnies & Sheep > Valhalla, the Star

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