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Bunny Section

In their own words, the Bunnies introduce themselves to the world. There's a story behind every one... (and a contest, too!)

Socrates, the first bunny of the lot, was soon joined by Xanthippe. They had a baby bunny, called "And".

A year later, Plato moved in, who soon became lonely and got company in the form of Valhalla.

Another year after that, Orpheus and Eurydike joined the fray. Soon thereafter, TBFKAG came to stay, joined by others.

The most recent arrivals are Bunnie and Clyde.

Version 3.0. All images have recently been re-scanned and re-colored for your viewing pleasure.

Xanthippe, being 'remastered' (20k)


Hell > Bunnies & Sheep > Bunny Section

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