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Sheep Section

And between Socrates & Xanthippe (20k)

One year at easter, there was a dearth of cute bunnies in the stores. Instead, MOATMAI found a basket full of sheep. He first got one sheep, then two, then another eight. Most of them were given away to friends, but he kept three for himself: Lois, Clark, and Jesus.

However, when MOATMAI moved to another city, he ended up acquiring Helga (who is a backpack) and Shawn. And eventually he was given Clara. And when he moved yet again, he got himself Robert to keep Clara company. The origin of a number of small sheep cannot be traced back anymore.

In the image above, from left to right, you see: Jesus, Helga, Lois, Robert, Clark, Clara and Shawn. The little ones are Ludovico, Louise and Keiner, but we can't tell them apart.

Say hello to the sheep. They say "baah".

Recently, Lois and Clark went on a field trip to the sea.


Hell > Bunnies & Sheep > Sheep Section

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