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Know Your Bunnies!

They have been multiplying like, well, bunnies. The purpose of this list is for you and us to keep track of them.

RabidBunnies [group photo]

A secret clan with forbidden handshakes. A tiny club of co-conspirators, on a Quest for Net Fame. (They tried Gross Fame but didn't have the stomach for it.)

Socrates (first RabidBunny)   [close-up, photo, as Ace]
His name makes sense in German. In a convoluted way, though

Xanthippe (second RabidBunny) [close-up, w. Socrates]
one bunny lead to two, two led to offspring...

And (child of Socrates & Xanthippe)
named because it always sits between its parents

Plato (most civilized of the Bunnies)   [photo]
he wouldn't harm a fly, even if he knew how to

Valhalla (spotted in a barber shop)
she is a star and she knows it

Orpheus and Eurydike (we can barely tell them apart) [mugshot]
they're constantly at it

Cassandra (from childhood days)   [photo]
she wears a dress, the prude

Pascal (adopted)   [photo]
a green bear, honorary RabidBunny

TBFKAG (American)   [close-up, photo1, photo2]
a.k.a. "Gund" even though that's the brand name

Bean Bunny (a Muppet)
from the Disney/MGM Studios in Florida; even Valhalla's impressed


They are not Bunnies, but they have turned affiliates by association. Some of them have already been photographed or drawn; others are impatiently waiting for their turn in the limelight.

Racoon & Mapache (two racoons)
they keep many childhood memories

Solatran (a cat)
named after a powerful tranquilizer pill; a.k.a. "Trani" (Germans: please laugh now)

Eros (another cat) [photo]
rescued from a drugstore in Vienna, still grouchy

Missisippi (a Ms. Cat)
there are worse puns than this

Douglas (a mouse)   [drawing]
also spelled "Daggeles"

Lancelot (a tiny mouse)
he's very courageous

Knuffel (a small icebear)   [photo]
Knuffel means "cuddle" in German

Olav (a big, cuddly icebear)   [photo]
a very, very playful bear

Pooshkin (a very cuddly teddy bear)   [photo]
looking for honey in all the wrong places

Fortran (a teddy bear with a black t-shirt)
continuing the "tradition" of bears named after programming languages

Ting (a brand new teddy bear sent to me from the US of A)   [photo]
This teddy is very fluffy, very big and wears glasses. Allegedly, it looks like MOATMAI.

Sheep [group photo]

I wish I knew how exactly the lot of them ended up here. There was a dearth of bunnies one easter and suddenly the house was filled with sheep.

Lois (female sheep)
in favor of open relationships, to some extent

Clark (male sheep)   [photo1, photo2]
Lois' mate. We ran out of classical names for couples, so we had to make do with what we had

Jesus (male sheep)   [photo1, photo2]
very docile and well-behaved; the odd one out...

Helga (female sheep/backpack) [photo, asleep]
this is what happens to sheep who misbehave

Ludovico & Louise (two bonsai sheep)
they just arrived recently

Shaun (from Wallace & Grommit)
another bonafide movie star, not that anybody cares

Easter 1999, two, no, three new sheep have arrived in this household: Robert, Clara and a baby sheep, Keiner.


They would be part of the sheep gang, except they live elsewhere. Occasionally, all sheep meet and hold a conference.

Ludwig (male sheep)   [drawing]
in Ray's custody

Wolf (male sheep)
silly name, silly sheep. Recently played "the confusion game" with Alfred

Cassiopeia (female sheep)
she lives with Orpheus' cousin Hermes as well as tigers and ducks

Alfred (male sheep)   [photo]
this one lives with a psychologist and her mate

Agatha (female sheep)
she lives with a female lawyer and is Alfred's girlfriend (or so I have been told)

As amazing as it may seem; this group is expanding constantly. Additions mostly arrive as presents.

(STOP IT, please ! ! ! This apartment is getting small!)


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