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Editor Wars is an effort to review current HTML editors of the following categories:

  • Text-based editors: essentially, ASCII editors with HTML Syntax Highlighting and additional HTML editing functionality
  • WYSIWYG editors: essentially, word processors for HTML files. 
  • Web generators: essentially, a DTP tool which generates web sites instead of print publications.

This effort is not sponsored in any way, i.e. the reviews are completely impartial. All applications were tested over an extended period -- these are not brief "first looks" but real reviews.



  Help Wanted.    



If you are willing and able to contribute your own reviews of an HTML editor, please contact me. Given the fact that my time is limited, I greatly value any contributions you might be able to make.



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Please contact me via e-mail at moatmai AT hellonearth DOT com (sorry for the cryptic way of putting this, but otherwise I'll be spammed to heck and back).

If you need more information on how to contact me, you can check the MAILTO: page.



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