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  The Real War.    



Everybody keeps talking about the "Browser Wars". In truth, these "wars" are just two big companies slugging it out and behaving childishly.

For those who wish to create, and not just consume, web content, the battlefield of HTML editors is much more interesting. There are many products of this kind on the market, and not too many in-depth reviews. Therefore, sorting the good from the bad can be a real challenge...

"Editor Wars" is an ongoing project where I am trying to review all Wintel-based HTML editors I can get my paws on. Reader contributions are welcome (see below).

In spite of not being a Star Wars fan, the structure of these reviews follows a Star-Wars-ish pattern.

  • The Light Side describes everything that is good about the application being reviewed on that page.
  • The Dark Side describes all the odds and ends; everthing that could be better.
  • The Conclusion weighs the Good against the Bad.

Additional information such a pricing, web links and user groups are provided as well.






HTML editors can be divided in three categories:

Text-Based Editors

In a nutshell: grotesquely overblown ASCII editors.

In the worst case, these amount to little more than NotePad enhancements, providing a bit of syntax highlighting and tag editing help.

In the best case, these are fully-fledged IDEs to create web pages with.

Reviews online: HomeSite 3.0.1


In a nutshell: Stay away from the code, lose control over results.

In the worst case, these provide you a word-processor-like WYSIWYG interface for creating web pages, but their HTML output is horrendous, biased towards one of the big browsers and bulky to boot.

In the best case, they either let you work directly with the code or edit the page using a good approximation of what the page will look like in current browsers.

Reviews online: Dreamweaver 3, FrontPage 98, HotMetal Pro 6, PageMill 2.0, Visual Page 1.1

Web Generators

In a nutshell: Web Page design with an DTP interface.

In the worst case, these are clumsy affairs which save all pages in proprietary databases and export them as HTML for the web. In the best case, they work their magic with proprietary tags embedded in actual HTML code.



  Additional Info.    



Last additions: Dreamweaver 3, HotMetal Pro 6

If you wish to contribute a review for these pages, feel free to send it in. Please follow the general structure of this site, though.

Once upon a time, this site was designed using Fusion by NetObjects (a web page generator). Along the way, the decision was made to do without the comfort of a WYSIWYG environment after all and to code the whole site by hand. The drawbacks far outweighed the benefits. A review of the pros and cons of Fusion 3.0 will be forthcoming.

NOTE: Some of the editors described on this site are no longer for sale; their reviews are online for historical value and to enable readers to compare how an application has developed through its versions.



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