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  Visual Page 1.1    

Category: WYSIWYG Editors
Manufacturer: Symantec, www.symantec.com
Download: ???, trial version no longer available

  What it does.    



While Adobe PageMill's feature set is impressive, users might be unwilling to deal with its Mac-based ideosyncracies.

Enter Visual Page from Symantec ["Norton Utilities"]: A WYSIWYG HTML editor which is very similar to PageMill, both in features and in shortcomings.

The version reviewed here is Visual Page 1.1a, which has since been superseded by Visual Page 2.0.



  The Light Side.    



Visual Page produces some of the tightest HTML code I have seen coming out of a WYSIWYG editor, beaten only by Macromedia's DreamWeaver. The code generated by Visual Page is well-structured with indentations and short lines, which makes it easy to edit.

It is not a problem to edit the contents of tables without leaving the keyboard. The internal preview essentially matches PageMill's functionality.

Frame handling is a snap. Nested tables are no problem either. The viewing component is able to display Java applets and Quicktime movies inline. That's nice to have, but is this really a major selling point for anybody?



  The Dark Side.    



As in Adobe PageMill, there is no support for the <FONT FACE> tag. The inclusion of this feature has been promised for the "next major release" even though it's unknown whether that means either Visual Page 1.1 or 2.0. Another missing feature is a spell checker, which is "planned" to be included at a later date.

Big tables can become a stability issue. Apparently, there is some memory leak involved here.

The whole application looks a lot like PageMill, sans the Mac-only quirks. However, this is not to say that VisualPage lacks incomprehensible quirks on its own...

For instance: When trying to open some pretty standard hand-coded HTML, VisualPage would always crash, even though a HTML validator confirmed all tags to be perfectly valid.

Another problem is site management support: At best, the site view can be described as rudimentary -- it is merely a list of files within the directory of the HTML file. This is definitely not a heavy-duty HTML editor.

Operating Systems: MacOS and Windows 95/98/NT, 99 US-Dollars






If you have to choose between PageMill and Visual Page, your decision will eventually come down to whether you like Macs or not. Visual Page is less quirky in its interface, but lacks its competitor's comfortable frame support.






The obvious comparison is with Adobe PageMill, which it blatantly copies in some respects and vastly improves upon in other areas.

If you want more control over your code, you better check out HotMetal Pro or even Dreamweaver, even though these competitors are significantly more expensive.



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