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MOATMAI is... Gertrude

(Updated February 7, 2000)

It embarrasses Gertrude to talk about herself, which is why she refers to herself in the third person.

Gertude emigrated from Germany in 1976 and presently resides in Oregon.She lives in a big house which, for reasons too complex to explain right now, has a slightly purplish tint to it.

She shares the house with one dog, three cats and a daughter named Sue. The dog is called Rudolph; the cats have no name -- they don't respond to names anyway (Jack, Omar and Liza). Sue is working for a local lawyer's firm.

Until recently, Gertrude worked as a freelance technical translator. She studied Languages in Germany (University of Heilbronn) and concluded her education in the USA (Los Angeles). Recently, she has landed a long-term (four year) contract for an international Software Publishing Company.

She discovered the Internet in 1994, learned HTML and soon began to write web pages. Recently, she moved away from text-based web page editing to a WYSIWYG editor in order to get work done more quickly.

There are no photographs of Gertrude which she'd like to share. Picture a woman in her early Fifties sonambulating through the house in comfortable sweaters and whose blonde hair is becoming increasingly gray. Not fat, but not very skinny either, neither very tall nor petite. See, not very interesting at all...

Sue's father passed away in March 1997. We still miss him a lot.