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MOATMAI is... Stanley

(Updated on December 17, 2000)

My parents named me Stanley. You might think it's a stupid name but hey! -- I didn't pick it. Friends call me Stan, anyhow.

Since graduating from college in Wisconsin, I have been working as a musician for a couple of bands. In January 2000, I got out early from my three-year band contract. Playing at parties was fun at first, but I soon developed second thoughts. The Christmas and New Year's gigs we did last year really sucked and made me re-think the whole playing-in-a-band concept.

In the band, I played the piano, the saxophone and, sometimes, drums. My saxophone playing is good while my piano skills barely keep me from hitting the wrong notes all the time. Good enough for "My Heart Will Go On", anyway. Drumming is more a passion than a skill -- a good way to release pent-up aggression.

Without the contract, I can once again dedicate myself more to mountain biking. I play with another band now; they're more into alternative rock and we might even land a record contract. I crashed my car, a red Saturn, in November 1999 (don't drink and drive...), but it keeps going.

Two e-mail acquaintances from Germany took over site building (there's a lot of stuff from Dirk on the site now and still no biography from either of them... GET IT TOGETHER, DAMN) in late 1998. Since they are both quite busy, they share webmastering duties.

Since I last updated this page, I've been in three relationships. The first one misfired rather quickly, the second went on for almost a year. The third one ended after eight months.

The "trouble relationship" I mentioned in the previous version of this page now is merely an old memory. She left me some of her memories which I shared on this web site, though. :-)

See you around.

(What would you know, the Germans got in gear and finally put their biographies online: Dirk & Gerald)