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MOATMAI is... Andrew

(Updated February 7, 2000)

My name is Andrew and I work as a systems consultant. Gee, I feel much better now that's off my chest.

"MOATMAI" comes from a role-playing game we used to play a lot about a decade ago -- before I discovered computers. The meaning is obscure, I will readily admit, but it makes sense once you have figured it out.

Computers have become my life since I got my hands on my first MS-DOS machine. I'm working as a system analyst since 1992, my customers being mostly banks and insurance companies on the U.S. West Coast.

Some opinions expressed on these pages might seem extreme at times. I (mis)use this site mainly as an outlet for the "Wild Me" - in RL (Real Life) I am very unlikely to actually do something extreme as diss the Afterlife in public.

I live in a nice house in the boring part of a boring West Coast town near San Francisco. I recently traded my 1994 Volvo for a Saab and I still lead a pretty normal married life.

Send me mail if you have any questions.