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MOATMAI is... Robert

(Updated February 7, 2000)

Shrinks, take note: My mother died when I was four. Happy now?

In Kindergarten and school, I quickly became notorious for my reckless behavior. But I was good. In primary school, at age 8 I founded the school's newspaper. It was banned three years later because of content deemed "offensive" by the School. In 1984, I graduated from high school with honors, all sins of the past forgotten.

My favorite course was English Literature. Orwell was a huge influence for many years. My book shelves are filled with the works of George Orwell, Ralph Waldo Ellison and Isaac Asimov (early Asimov, mostly).

My passion for books encouraged me to study Literature, Math being my second major. I also studied German. I have published three novels and am presently trying my luck at a collection of short stories. I like Japanese culture, even though I don't speak nor read the language. It's just pleasantly weird, especially their strangely poetic way of mangling the English language.

In my search for a better typewriter and a programmable calculator, I eventually stumbled across an Altair which is now stored in my basement. Eventually, my fascination with computers led me from CP/M to the Apple Macintosh. Mid-1999, I finally caved in and joined the Dark Side. Windows NT turns out not to be that bad after all and it really multi-tasks (really!).

MOATMAI is but one of my online aliases. It stems from the German "Monat Mai" -- that was the month I first signed onto AOL.

If you see a spelling mistake on these pages, let me know.