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MOATMAI is... Gerald

(Updated December 18, 2000)

Time for the tired guy to get his biography on-line.

My name is Gerald, I work as a magazine journalist in Germany. Presently, I handle all the site management. I also am the administrative contact for the domain (meaning that I get to handle all the awful stuff and I pay for the server space, the domain registration etc).

This part of the site (the "about" section) and the main page are the only places where you'll read anything from me. I'm much too busy to write articles and stuff myself -- work is rather exhausting and it leaves me dry. At least, I can credit myself for bringing the other six together (yes, there are seven in total... but one hasn't done anything in AGES, so I don't know why I even bring her up) through a mutual interest which you'll never guess.

Although I'm not a fighter, I keep getting into fights. The last one was over a page criticizing our then-host, HostPro. They gave me the choice of either removing the page or leaving to another host. I went with the new host: It's almost local, it's much more inexpensive and it's startingly efficient.

If you feel the need to gripe about a lack of updates and other stuff like that, you've found the right guy: I'll gladly join in. Dirk should update his goshdarned health pages; Stanley has hardly done anything for about a year (except for an upgrade to his bio which prompted this page in turn). Gertrud... well let's say she should DEFINITELY update her bio.