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From Hubris To Hell

Some time ago, this site was called "Hubris Unlimited" and located at www.hybris.exklusiv.de. It was replaced by this site at the end of January 1998.

Hubris Unlimited

(hubris /'hyue-bres/ n [Gk hybris] (1884) : exaggerated pride or self-confidence -- hubristic /hyue-'bris-tik/ adj)

Personal pages on the web are a sure sign of hubris -- one has to be pretty full of oneself to think that one's life and musings are interesting to anyone except the police and maybe some well-meaning family members. Following that logic,, the first version of this site was called Hubris Unlimited.

Both hubris.com and hubris.org were taken at the time, however, thus I went for a comparatively "modest" subdomain instead.

As time progressed and I saw more and more Real Hubris in Real Life and on the WWW.Compared to how other people self-promote themselves, my Ego seemed positively underdeveloped.

The only real ego-fest on my site was the story of my dental woes - not exactly a dictionary definition of hubris.

Toothful Stories

Following a failed root canal in June, 1997, my health went from bad to worse, the pain continuing to this day.

Most ironically, the most personal section of the Hubris Unlimited site, "The Whole Tooth", ended up becoming the most popular of the lot.

Initially, this particular sub-site had just been created to keep friends and acquaintances informed of my current health status so they would stop asking.

Due to circumstances beyond the scope of this explanation, the Whole Tooth URL ended up plastered all over the submission engines, getting me a lot of hits in the process and feedback from perfect strangers.

The Other Pages

The rest of the Hubris site failed to catch on. A big disappointment was the lack of hits in the RabidBunnies Online sub-site. Apparently, people don't go for fluffy bunnies as much as I thought they would.

Failing to be as hubristic as the site name seemed to imply, I decided to focus on my view of reality and the universe as such. After typing a lot of domain names into the WHOIS database of the InterNIC, I found hellonearth.com to be registered, but apparently both incompletely submitted and unpaid.

Within 48 hours, I got Network Solutions to see things my way; they deleted the existing record and I got a Hell On Earth of my own.