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The Troubles with HostPro

>> 1999 Hosting Problems with HostPro
>> 2000 Hosting Problems with HostPro


Initially HostPro seem to offer a lot; however, my experiences with their services were less than glamorous: bad technical support; deplorable customer service. The worst for last: HostPro censors sites on their servers, even if they don't violate any of their terms of service.

Looking at their website, HostPro's pricing and service plans look interesting. The 1999 reviews in PC Magazine and other computer mags were extremely favorable. However, my personal experiences were quite the opposite.

Problems in 1999

When I moved my site to HostPro in December 1999, they initially were unable to handle the Network Solutions database. Then, a foul-up in their DNS configuration led to my domain disappearing from name servers all over the world. E-mail queries were answered with automatic replies; calls didn't lead to a solution for the problem. After six days, they finally found the root of the problem -- six days off-line, no e-mail.

When I asked about the reason for the failure, a technical support representative gave me a most patronizing answer: "Unfortunately, we cannot foresee everything that can and may happen to a computer and if you have used a computer yourself, then you will know that sometimes files do become corrupt."

Problems in 2000

For one year, my domain was relatively safe on their server. In December 2000, a HostPro customer service representative ordered me to either remove any "negative comments" about their service from my site, or be terminated.

What they had perceived as "negative comments" turned out to be a description of my hosting woes from the previous year; a page which hadn't been updated in many months. I changed the wording, only to hear from HostPro that they'd decided I would have to remove any content referring to them from my site. Repeated attempts to find a compromise were rejected -- it was either their way or the highway.

It should be noted that none of my comments, either in unedited or edited form, were slanderous or otherwise objectionable according to HostPro's terms of usage. Facing the choice of either being censored on my own site or having to find a new host, I opted for the latter -- good riddance, HostPro.