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The Mail Bag

(This is where bad reader mail goes to die.)

When I got my first reader mail message, I knew I couldn't just stop with this web-site. It was this one:

Subj: opinion
Date: 98-04-23 00:25:58 EDT
From: xyz@abc.com (J. W.)

Guy, your site and your word is wrong you are in need of Jesus in your life. P.S. There is life after death.

Guy? Mmmfh. Try the "about" section.

First off: I had Jesus hanging from a wall of my room once, in effigy (it came with the room). I thought it was rather sick to have the sculpture of a Dying Man hanging there, so I removed the carcass from the cross.

One of the hands broke off whilst doing this, so i glued it back on and put the figure onto a nice soft towel in my closet, out of harm's way. I ended up removing the whole cross soon afterwards.

A heartfelt Thank You for taking the time to write, though!

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