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Send Me Mail

Feel free to mail me at the following e-mail address:


Please replace "at" and "dot" with the respective characters on your keyboard. (i.e. "BILLG at MICROSOFT dot COM" would become "billg@microsoft.com")

Please note these additional notes for sending me files.

The reason why you'll find no MAILTO: link here

There are two reasons why there is no mailto: link on these pages:

  1. One is the fact that there are browsers and mail clients out there which aren't able to process mailto links properly.

  2. The second one is that mailto links tend to get abused by spammers. They use tools to fish sites for mail addresses which are then being spammed senseless.

Since I am trying to minimize my daily spam intake, I think this is the best method -- interested parties can still get in touch and junk mailers will spam Bill Gates instead.

Everybody wins.

This idea has been shamelessly "borrowed" from the HTML version of the newsletter Tasty Bits From The Technology Front (TBTF).

Sending files to MOATMAI

ASCII | HTML | Word Documents | Excel Spreadsheets | Other Formats

As a general rule: Please send me a brief message asking whether sending me a file attachment is okay before sending any kind of file. If you wish to send me files, please be so kind to observe the following:

ASCII: ASCII is my preferred file format. It can be converted to almost anything. DOS ASCII is preferred.

HTML files: You are welcome to contribute to these web pages. I prefer ASCII text. If you must send HTML, please keep it as simple as possible (no font face or size tags, no tables).

Word documents: I must be one of three people on this planet not to be using Microsoft Word as a word processor (when I don't write plain ASCII, I use Lotus WordPro). I can read Word documents up to the format introduced with WinWord version 6.0.

Excel sheets: Not enough with me shunning Word, I also fail to use Excel (duh). If you can, please send tab-delimited or comma-delimited files.

Other file formats: Please ask before sending any other file formats.

Thank you for your courtesy.