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Site Production - The Design

For Hell On Earth 2.00.01, no paper sketch was produced.

The header was designed with CorelXara 2; the graphic of the sphere consumed with fire was created in Photoshop 5. The best of two worlds:

  • CorelXara is blazingly fast, creates anti-aliased vector graphics on-screen and offers rather good bitmap handling.
  • Photoshop's plug-in architecture allows the user to play with add-on modules until the result is presentable. The simple graphic above was created using the Spheroid Designer from Kai's Power Tools 3 and the Flame effect from Eye Candy 3.

The bitmap was imported into Xara with an 8-bit mask (this will eventually be explained at greater length in the Hints Section). The fonts used in the header are Treefrog and Cedar Street. The results were exported as TIF and loaded into SmartSaver Pro, where the image was split in splices and exported.

The page and style sheets are created with Dreamweaver 2. Pages are created from a common template. Variable widths are shunned in favor of cross-browser compatibility. All in all, the new design is much simpler than the previous incarnation.