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Submission Guidelines

Hell On Earth welcomes readers submissions. Please read the following guidelines before submitting your material.


Generally speaking, you can write about any subject you want. Since this site is geared at a generic audience, please (a) don't talk down to the readers, (b) explain complex concepts in accessible language and (c) avoid rambling.

More rules of thumb:

  • Be concise and, at the same time, eloquent.
  • Don't bore the reader.
  • Whenever you quote, include the source. If the quote's from the web, link to the page(s) you are quoting from.

If you are defending a controversial point of view, be sure to argue for it well. When you use Hell On Earth as your soap box, you have to be prepared for people throwing tomatoes.

Send your stuff in -- if MOATMAI likes it, it gets published. No one-liners, please (i.e. while "Dodi said Di and she did" is funny, it's not worth my bandwith).


Submissions are accepted in English, Spanish and German. Mix languages at your own risk.


Send text either in ASCII or HTML format. Don't bother with a lot of formatting: the cleaner, the nicer. Please read the Mini-FAQ about sending me files before doing so.


  • Run a spell checker over your text before submitting.
  • Run a grammar checker, if available.
  • Avoid unnecessary expletives. Four-letter words will only be printed if they contribute to the argument you are making.
  • No flames unless they're funny. No porn.

Again: Write as long as you have to, and as short as you can. Remember: online readers have an even shorter attention span.

And: Make sure you DO have a point to make in the first place.


No anonymous submissions, please. Every published contribution will include your verifiable e-mail address (spam-protected).

You need to give MOATMAI a written guarantee the text is entirely your creation and a permission to publish it on this site. If there are multiple authors, multiple permissions are needed. If you are quoting from copyrighted material, keep within the limits of Fair Use laws.

If you lie to me, you will be sorry.

These are the rules.

The final decision whether something gets published or not lies with MOATMAI.

Send your submissions to: