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On This Page: "There can't be anything worse than a life on this planet."

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Against Life After Death

Here's Hoping Against an Afterlife

On December 25th 1997, a very beloved person reached the end of her life. She had been suffering for many years now, but a recent stroke left her halfway paralyzed and semiconscious at best.

As horrible as it may sound, I wish her a peaceful death.

Speaking of which - I am really looking forward to my own demise. Not that I am in a particular hurry -- there is a lot left to do before I might feel like saying "I saw it all".

But I am very curious as of whether there is a life after death... although personally, I hope there isn't.

Books describe the last seconds as a visual medley of the greatest hits and misses in your life, possibly set to the think music of "Jeopardy", followed by a bright light when the projector runs out of film.

In the Motion Picture "Flatliners", young medical students with angst in their pants and preciously little gray matter in their heads halted their hearts to glimpse at the world beyond, finding their hidden fears there. This being a Joel Schumacher film, the flatlining message was: Get yourself sorted out. (Good point, lousy movie.)

Following the broad hint, I sorted myself out right away (I should have seen "Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles" again, that movie was much more entertaining). I am now ready for the inevitable screening of "your life on 45", possibly set to the theme of the TV show "Fractured Fairy Tales".

As an Agnostic, I doubt the existence of God and consequently the afterlife. Don't get me wrong - I don't deny God. I just think that if there is one, he wouldn't care whether I believe in him.

Something I deny, though, is purgatory. There can't be anything beyond life which is worse than this planet.

To be on the safe side: I'm not dying to know whether I am right - no hurry.

But if and when Death Personified knocks at my door, I hope it will have a sense of humor. Just in case there is a life after death after all, well... trust me on this:

I will keep the secret safe.

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