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Derailed Trains Of Thought
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On This Page: "Some readers might perceive the opinions voiced here as offensive. That's too bad."

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Derailed Trains Of Thought

MOST RECENT: Terrorizing People

The opinions voiced in this section may possibly be offensive to religious people, men, women, children, journalists, musicians and others. Too bad.

If you feel offended by some of the content on these pages, feel free to drop me a note.

Dissenting opinions are as welcome as contributions -- send me your rants via e-mail. Good material will end up on these pages [submission guidelines]. Mad material will end up in the Insanity Section.

Against Life After Death

Too Much Honesty

Grow Up, Already

Christmas In A Tree

Hating The Pet Shop Boys

The Devil Made Them Do It

Everything A Spider Can

The Screamer

Terrorizing People

September 16, 2001: The world is scared not just of the terrorists, but of the USA as well. Ghosts of past interventions abroad haunt the collective memories. And I sit here, recalling events from grade school. MORE

More outrageous thoughts, such as Bill Gates shooting himself, can be found in the Insanity section.

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