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Honestly, I Don't Want To Know

Unneccessary Rhetorical Questions

Honesty can be a good character trait as well as a curse. This statement might seem obvious, but the fact doesn't seem to have reached a wide audience yet.

A little honesty is good; too much honesty will effectively kill everything. Casual questions are boobie-trapped.

"How are you" is one of these casual questions. Should somebody actually give you an honest answer, you might be listening for hours.

Nothing's worse than listening to somebody who tells you how he's doing after just having either been fired from a job or following brain surgery.

Another tough question is "do you love me" -- only a very small minority wants an honest answer. If somebody really has to to ask, (s)he either wishes to hear a lie or to torture her/himself.

Extremely dangerous is the question "What have you been up to?" Just because you wouldn't have the time to give an detailed answer doesn't mean that you won't meet somebody who has the time to actually respond, with plenty of details.

Three-page online questionnaires continue to puzzle me: Who finds the time to respond to these or, worse, who would be silly enough to enter anything into the empty space at the end where it says "Is there anything else you'd like us to know?". If they really wanted to know, this should have been either the first or only question.

Anyway... please don't ever, ever ask me how I feel.

I might tell you.

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