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Everything A Spider Can

Sample Art Material

On the left, a scan of a sample panel seen in "Yo soy el Hombre-Araña", a Spanish-language hard-bound collection of classic Spider-Man comics (© 1980 Editiones Montena, S.A., Madrid). On the right, a scan of the same panel as it appears in the Marvel Comics reprint "The Essential Spider-Man", Vol. 3 (© 1999 Marvel Comics).

Note how the webbing on Spider-Man's head has been re-touched badly, at best, in the right-hand image (check the side of the head, above and to the left of the eye) and the webbing on the foot is partially faded out.

Obviously, the Essential Spider-Man wasn't printed from an ideal source -- you shouldn't buy this one for the artwork.

(If you got here from an external link: This page illustrates a point of the review "Everything A Spider Can" on this site. Click here to read it.)

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