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What's wrong now? Current Health Status

Welcome to my Health Crisis

Welcome To The "Full Disclosure" part of this site. The following sections of my anatomy are causing problems / or have caused problems in the past.

The most extensive part of this section is devoted to a detailed account of my continuing tooth problems. This is also the section which is updated most frequently.

My current health status is available here.

Head: The Whole Tooth

A bad dentist chose a terrible time to botch a root canal. Since May 30, 1997, I live in constant pain.

Hands: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It won't go away, especially not now that Microsoft has discontinued the Natural Keyboard 1.0, which used to help.

Feet: Whooo-aarrgh!

Essentially, I refused to fall down some stairs and paid the price.

Knee: That Beemer hit me!

A BMW collided with me. Luckily for my bike, a knee was in between the bicycle frame and the car. Unluckily, the knee was mine.

Lungs: Have some of my lung...

It's just asthma. *cough* *cough* Don't pay any attention. Mmmh. I hate the taste of blood in my mouth. Do you want the piece of my lung I just coughed up?

Anatomical Troubles by section: Feet | Legs | Lungs | Head | Hands

You are here: Hell On Earth / Health / Health Crisis Index Page

"The Continuing Health Crisis" is an 100% true account of MOATMAI's health problems. It is intended to keep friends and enemies informed on his current status.

The Whole Tooth is the main reason for this section's existence: A jaw ache which began on May 30, 1997 and has kept more than a dozen doctors busy to date. Start with the Summary or the FAQ.

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