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Foot In Mouth Disease

Originally, I was rather confident that this part of my anatomy would stay perfectly healthy. (Hah.)

All this changed on Thursday, July 23rd, 1998, when I hurried down some stairs at work, only to have my left foot stuck on the penultimate steps of the stone staircase, with predictable consequences:

Foot bends more than ligaments can handle, 12k

Initially, I tried to take the pain in stride. Stiffly, I walked to my desk and lay down on the floor, grunting in pain -- very dignified.

My boss drove me to the hospital where I was told by a gentleman sitting behind the information desk that I should proceed directly to the x-ray section on the second floor (for Europeans, that's the first floor).

At the x-ray desk, they explained to me that the moron from the information desk didn't know what he was talking about and that I would have to limp back down to emergency admissions. They called up an elevator and I hardly had to walk to get there.

By now, every step felt as if somebody was jamming a huge thorn through my foot into my lower left leg. The doctor took my personals, looked at the foot and sent me back up to the x-ray dept -- this time, in a nurse-powered wheel chair, thank God.

With the x-rays back in hand, I returned to the emergency ward, where the doctor who had previously been attending my case held the door open for me and left. Apparently, his shift was over.

The new doctor had a rather... unique... personality.

First off, he explained that he would start over from the beginning, because "otherwise I'm not interested in the patient."

Apparently, this fine gentleman was God's gift to that hospital's Agnostic patients.

So I had to explain again, in detail, how and where the accident happened.

"Dashing Doc", a young man with gelled-up black hair (yuck), diligently made notes (never mind it was all already written down in my file), kept asking questions and finally lowered himself to the level of glancing at the x-rays.

It wasn't a fracture, his guess was a pulled ligament. I would get a splint (Aircast), some "walking aids" (a.k.a. crutches) and no pain killers. I tried to protest, but he said the pain would subsede soon.

Then he sent me on my way. I took a cab back to work; a colleague drove me home (thanks).

I spent thirteen hours in bed that night, three of them asleep. The pain was really, really bad.

On Saturday, I noticed the foot was getting better because I was starting to feel my jaw hurting again. Strange comfort.

On Tuesday, July 28, I started walking with only one crutch. On Wednesday, July 29, I removed the splint.

These days, I hardly feel any discomfort in my left foot whatsoever. I keep slipping on that self-same step, almost every day, though.

I wish the knee had recovered as quickly.

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You are here: Hell On Earth / Health / Foot In Mouth Disease

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