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Root Canal Surgery

Wednesday arrived.

I don't really remember a lot. I remember the doctor injecting stuff the flesh around my tooth repeatedly, but the pain was not going away.

I remember the doctor telling me to relax as I trembled like a leaf and desperately kept clawing my fingers into my pants.

The one thing I remember very well is the sudden, blazing pain, new pain.

It was as if he had stuck a hot needle into my jaw, sticking it into the root of the tooth deep up, way into the jaw. This new pain didn't stop even when he had finished with the operation. I had to sit down in the front office, it was so bad. And it didn't get any better.

I finally got the doctor to write me a sick leave after having to argue about it a bit (!). Then, I went to work anyway.

It still didn't get better. Neither on Wednesday, nor on Thursday. Nor on Friday. Slowly, the pain was driving me out of my mind...

"If the root canal is perfect, why won't the pain go away?"

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You are here: Hell On Earth / Health / The Whole Tooth / Root Canal Surgery

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Current Status: The root canal, it is done. The tooth is dead. And the pain? Well...

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