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Unbearable Pain

On Saturday, the pain was so bad that I went to see the emergency dentist on duty that day, who diagnosed an inflammation of the jaw and gave me Penicillin. He couldn't say when the pain would stop, but that it would get "better".

Needless to say, matters didn't improve, thus on Monday (Week Two) I went to another dentist, (is anybody keeping count? It's the third one so far, Dr. Lothario Otto) where, completely drained emotionally and physically, I fell asleep on the examination chair.

He seemed capable enough, examined the root canal (which was done "impeccably", according to him, and then sent me back to the practice where the original dentist butchered me (since he couldn't do the x-ray which was needed for the diagnosis), but not to the same dentist -- there were two dentists working in that practice.

Turns out Dr. Otto was an old chum of the dentist who shared Dr. Dietrich’s practice.

This old chum of his (dentist number four, Dr. med. Richard Sauter) looked at the assembled evidence, proclaimed that the diagnosis given to me on Saturday (inflammation of the upper jawbone and maxillary sinus) was completely accurate and just prescribed me different antibiotics. He gave me pain killers, too, which didn't do a thing. At least he declared me unfit for work for the following eight days.

At this point, just riding my bike had become a source of exquisite pain. If I'd been a masochist these days would have been orgasmic bliss. But I ain't, and they weren't.

"The dentist cut the tooth into three pieces and pulled them out."

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You are here: Hell On Earth / Health / The Whole Tooth / Unbearable Pain

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