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The Tooth Goes, The Pain Doesn't

Week Two, Tuesday

A phone call from dentist #1 (Dr. Dietrich), the one who did the root canal. He had heard that I had seen Dr. Sauter on the previous day. Now he wanted to see me, the very next day. I guess he had missed my smile... foolishly, I agreed to go.

On Wednesday came the clincher.

Trying not to panic, I concentrated on what the doctor had said: He just wanted to look at the situation. He wasn't going to do anything. He was just going to look. However...

"Lie down." And then he looked. And right then, right there, he decided the tooth had to go. So, within minutes, he cut the tooth into three pieces and pulled them out.

At one point, a chunk of tooth got stuck in my throat and I had to spit it out. A lot of blood and ugly dark stuff came out as well.

After the operation, Dr. Dietrich gave me the strangest compliments: Mine was the largest upper left molar he had ever seen. And I was his first failed root canal in ten years.

I felt so sorry for the poor Doc. My cheek looked as if I had been in a fight with my mother. The pain was as bad as ever.

One of my colleagues at work had previously suggested that I should go to the doctor, grab him by his crotch before he could start to drill and calmly announce: "Every time you hurt me, I will hurt you." If I had followed his advice, this doctor would now be an eunuch. And he would deserve it.

My jaw was all sewn up now and I was told that it would stop hurting real soon now. He pulled the strings out on the Tuesday after that (Week Three) and I still felt the pain.

I could barely walk, because of the antibiotics, the operations and everything else. Also, because the pain which was keeping me awake until late in the night.

"During a CAT scan, they found a cyst in my left maxillary sinus."

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