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Seeking Outside Help

On Friday, while trying to retrieve something from under a table at work, one instant I was staring at the wall, the next I was looking at the ceiling. Somehow I had fallen on my back without even noticing.

Oops. It was getting worse.

So I went and visited an internist around the corner (Dr. Klaus Wittmann). He listened to me closely as I told him of my odyssey (little did I know that it had but started).

Then he announced what I feared he would say: More tests would have to be conducted before he could determine the cause of all this mess. So he did.

Beginning the following Monday (Week Three), I took the scenic route through a complete physical, which took quite a while. Urine tests, blood tests (I think they took a quarter gallon of the latter substance), an ECG, a Stress ECG, an exam by an ear, nose and skull specialist (Dr. med. Clemens Dürr) who had me take a computer x-ray of my skull (done by the seventh doctor on this case so far, Dr. med. I. Binder), where they found a cyst in my left maxillary sinus.

A cyst! They had finally found something!

"Sorry, but this is just a cyst."

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You are here: Hell On Earth / Health / The Whole Tooth / Seeking Outside Help

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