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The Phantom Cyst

Week Five, Thursday

The ear, nose and skull specialist (Dr. Dürr) examined the computer readouts.

Predictably enough, there was no brain visible on the scans. But I could see the cyst, big and ugly. Huge, in fact.

He looked at me gravely.

He spoke.

"Sorry, but this is just a cyst." But... but...

"It may be a symptom of the problem that you are having, but it's probably not the cause of your pain." Duh.

"I could remove it, of course..." BUT? "...but why go in there as long as we don't know for sure that it is indeed the cause of the pain."

That sounded reasonable. Unfortunately.

"You might want to consult a dentist or your internist on how to proceed from here."

A dentist? No way. Time for another appointment with Dr. Wittmann.

"Doctor Dietrich wants to play a shell game with my teeth."

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You are here: Hell On Earth / Health / The Whole Tooth / The Phantom Cyst

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