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Me, A Clockwork Orange

Week Five, Friday: Dr. Wittmann sent me to a neurologist.

On the neurologist's door, it said "Neurologist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist" -- this guy was a shrink.

I was very close to turning on my heels right then and there. Damn it, I was not insane, I was in Pain!

Dr. med. Dieter Kristin was extremely friendly. Within seconds of meeting me, he determined that I had a "sensitive" personality (Okay, so Sylvester Stallone I ain't. But sensitive?), made me smell some menthol in a flask, tested my reflexes and eye tracking. I passed the tests.

We went through several brain activity read-outs: For the first one, they made me wear a strange net which looked suspiciously similar to the funky stuff Alex has to wear in the movie "A Clockwork Orange". Nobody strapped me down into the chair, however, which I took to be a good sign.

Then a friendly nurse glued some electrodes onto my skull and gave me slight electrical shocks into my cheek (yikes!). The readouts were given to the doctor, who looked at me gravely.

Have you found anything, I asked him. "Yes," he said.


Dr. Kristin diagnosed an "atypical facial neuralgia".

Essentially, the description I was given was the following: Some impulse causes a nerve to overreact and even after the impulse has stopped, the nerve will not stop reacting. The pain would increase because the nerve would be under constant stress...

That impulse would be the root canal surgery. Dr. Dietrich had really screwed up.

I was prescribed "Carbium 300 Retard", with "Carbamazepin" given as the main ingredient, one tablet a day. It was, as the doctor pointed out, not a pain killer, but a nerve strengthening drug.

He advised me strongly against reading the contraindications in the package since they would just upset me.

When I got home, I read them and he was absolutely right. The contraindications were horrifying. Worse yet: This stuff was usually given to Epilepsy Patients!!!

"During the first day on medication, I toppled into a hedge."

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You are here: Hell On Earth / Health / The Whole Tooth / Clockwork Orange

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