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Say No To Drugs

Think positive! With the shingles, I could do one thing I couldn't do before - after more than three months of abstinence, I could finally drink red wine again. This helped considerably to lighten my spirits (hic!). Nonetheless, I had trouble falling asleep at night because of the dull, constant jaw ache.

After a week, the shingles were almost completely gone and the vacation was over - back to work and back to Dr. Wittmann (the Internist). When I told him about the shingles, he initially thought I was joking. When I assured him I wasn't, he asked me what else had happened...

"Well, I had a car accident, got mugged..." He stared at me in horror. "This time, I was joking, Doc."

(I eventually got into a car accident a few weeks later and some weeks after that, my bike was stolen. I'm not joking.)

I managed to persuade the doctor to keep the Carbium out of my system for the time being. Apparently, it was not doing much good besides keeping me a bit farther beside myself than usual.

"The jaw specialist considers severing a nerve."

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You are here: Hell On Earth / Health / The Whole Tooth / Say No To Drugs

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