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Me and My Big Mouth

In the months after that, the flashes in the upper left maxillary area continued more or less unabated. I resigned myself to the pain.

Based on a recommendation by Dr. Wittmann, I went to see some jaw specialists. Dr. med. Michael Kopp was not very helpful, however. He checked everything out, couldn't find a source for my discomfort and ended up indicating that maybe they might want to temporarily cut off the nerve. Urrgh. No thanks.

The Shingles were gone for good though, thankfully.

Without any Carbium in my body, I was allowed to drink all the alcohol I wanted. One should think that this kind of situation would call for drunken debauchery, but the quantities I managed to consume over the next months were negligible (three bottles of red wine in as many weeks).

Another pleasant side effect of getting rid of the drugs was that I lost a lot of the surplus body weight again. Thank goodness.

In April 1998, I got myself a new job in a new town.

"The new dentist decides to start at Ground Zero."

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You are here: Hell On Earth / Health / The Whole Tooth / Me and My Big Mouth

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