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New Town, New Doctors

On April 1st, 1998, I traded in my old, used job for a fresh, new job in another town Up North.

Ever the cautious individual, I decided not to move all my belongings to the North immediately, but to rent a little apartment in a basement with a bed which was actually a bunk. It was also very cold and even in summer, I ended up turning up the heat almost every evening.

In May, I decided that maybe the dentists Up North would be a little more capable than their counterparts at my Previous Residence and I went to the dental clinic. There, I was received by one Doctor Axel Küttner, a young man with a likeable face who decided to start at Ground Zero.

He asked me to bring all my x-rays, including the CAT scan, to get up to speed. I mailed Dr. Wittmann to send me all relevant material -- and he did, going so far as to mail me the read-outs from my complete physical.

Dr. Küttner looked at the data and couldn't find much. He sent me to the neurologist at the central clinic right around the corner.

Dr. Fernandez, the neurologist I ended up with, turned out to be from Latin America and we wound up conducting our conversation in Spanish. He was a friendly man who listened to my ordeal at great length, interrupting me occasionally to find out details and finally concluded my pain was a trigeminus neuralgia.

At this point, he hadn't even touched me yet.

He suggested they might try to cut off a nerve to rid me of the pain (echoing the intent of the jaw specialists some month back).

He announced that he was going to send me a written diagnosis for the dentists: They should first try to put the nerve asleep with some injections into the jaw and then, if that didn't succeed, continue.

I said my good-byes, panicked and tried to stay away from all doctors for four months.

With some self-restraint, I even managed to get the pain under control -- it helped to unclench the jaw every time I felt myself tensing up and to keep myself from fixating on the pain. This worked for a while.

"The pain is back with a vengeance."

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You are here: Hell On Earth / Health / The Whole Tooth / New Town...

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