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Resurrection Time

October 26, 1998

It's back with a vengeance: The pain has resurfaced big time. The stinging ache is as nauseating as it was when the whole affair began, which means that for better or worse, I once again began to devote more attention to this part of the site.

Last Friday, I felt as if I had developed a sudden and rather painful cavity in the upper left jaw, in the exact spot where my whole troubles had began. The only problem being that there no longer is a tooth there, not since June 1997. Regardless, I kept the hope that it was just some caries in one of the adjacent teeth, trying to ignore the eerie similarities to the beginnings of this ordeal.

The pain increased over the course of the day and got really bad on Saturday, midday. I was wary of going to a dentist on emergency duty, remembering my previous experience in this area.

On Saturday evening, a friend, my fiancée and I went to a cocktail bar. I thought the alcohol might soothe the pain. I was wrong. Maybe I didn't quite drink enough. I have an excuse:

At some point, late at night (or early in the morning, depending on your vantage point), my friend, obviously having lost control over his finer motor skills, carelessly kicked the table, spilling our last orders all over the place. The glasses had still been half-full at this point. Too bad; my Mojito had tasted great.

When I woke up Sunday in the early afternoon, I didn't have a hangover, but my jaw was still hurting like hell.

On Monday, I went to the local dental clinic (which happens to be located straight across where I work) and checked back in. After waiting for more than half an hour, I finally got to sit in the torture chair. By sheer coincidence, the doctor staring down at me was exactly the same guy who had been treating me in May, Dr. Küttner.

He checked my teeth and said he couldn't see any cavities in there. Then, he injected an anesthetic into my upper left-hand jaw and told me to wait. After ten minutes, he checked back with me and asked whether the pain was gone. It wasn't.

He looked at me with that look I feared the most: the look of helplessness. This man didn't know how to help me. He asked me to come back the next day and bring my computer x-rays. He would consult with his superiors and they would try to find out the source of my problems.

In other words: I was heading back to square one.

I left, feeling dizzy. As I stumbled back to work, I felt a nervous breakdown approaching. As soon as I closed the door of my office behind me, I broke down crying -- I was completely devastated. These doctors were completely unable to help. Since May 30, 1997, I hadn't lived a single day without pain. Now, it looked as if it would never, ever end.

I made an effort to get my mind on the work in front of me, but I couldn't. My arms and feet felt heavy, as if gravity had suddenly increased, just for me. When I tried to concentrate, the pain increased. I felt cold, in spite of my colleagues' assurance that the room was reasonably warm.

Finally, I decided to go home, unable to work and constantly fighting back tears. The friend and colleague who had kicked the table over over on Saturday drove me home in his car. There, my fiancée tried to calm me down. She was due to leave for Munich within the hour; I tried not to let my desperation show.

She left, I tried to rest and I couldn't; the pain was keeping me restless. So I went ahead, sat down in front of the computer and began to redo the Whole Tooth sub-site, from scratch. When I couldn't see straight anymore, I went to bed and had horrible dreams.

"To check for cavities, the dentist removed my fillings, one by one."

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