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Who Broke My Fillings?

October 27, 1998

Much too late, I got to the dental clinic. Regular office hours were over; if I wanted help, I would have to talk to the emergency team. The pain was so bad I decided to take my chances with the emergency people, in spite of previous experiences in this arena. I had brought the computer x-rays from last year.

After more than an hour of waiting, finally somebody was there to see me, an Assistant Dentist named Ms. Haker. She was very friendly and very considerate. Over the course of the next half hour I found out that she frequently operated on children. Perfect.

Finally somebody with patience to spare. She listened to my story (by now, I have reached the point where I can give a short summary of past events without having any difficulties in recalling the details) and had me open my jaw. After peeking inside for a while, she noted that two of my fillings were slightly broken (the upper hind teeth on the left side, number 25 and 27).

Caries might have developed under one of the fillings, causing my pain. To find out, she would have to open the fillings -- this sounded a lot like Dr. Dietrich's shell game, with the difference that she sounded like she knew what she was doing.

Seeing that I wasn't quite comfortable with her diagnosis, she called the doctor on duty to take a look. The doctor took a quick look at the computer images and at my teeth. Then, he declared that the cyst was probably the cause of all my problems and told me to come back the next day to have it removed, during regular hours.

The Assistant Dentist made a remark about the broken fillings. Did the doctor think they should be opened up to see whether there was a cavity lurking below? The doctor told her not to worry about it. The assistant insisted. Clearly put off by the woman, the doctor said that if she thought it was necessary, she should do it and left the office so quickly I couldn't even catch his name.

The assistant looked at me and I asked her to open the fillings. She did, swearing about the drill as she worked (apparently, the machine was rather old and a little out of whack). Lo and behold: She found caries, in two spots. I asked her to remind me after the procedure that I wanted to embrace her for being right.

She drilled the caries out and closed the tooth with a temporary filling. She prescribed a pain killer (Nedolon P) and mentioned that the pain would probably not stop after this, but that this would at least eliminate one possible source for my pain.

True to her word, the pain didn't cease. But the continuous stabs of pain ended. Small comfort...

Unfortunately, I was due to get more bad news the very next day, when the head of oral surgery gave me his medical opinion...

"The head doctor shattered my hopes for a quick resolution."

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You are here: Hell On Earth / Health / The Whole Tooth / Broken Fillings

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