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The Diagnosis In Writing

Monday, February 15, 1999

Instead of going to see the main doctor, I decided to mindlessly panic for a while. Dr. Lorenz mailed me a written diagnosis which I don't like one iota.

Essentially, I am to take strong medicine again.

Curiously, the letter has a stamp with the mark "CONFIDENTIAL! Information only for the doctor, not to be given to the patient."

[verbatim: "Vertraulich! Nur zur Information des behandelnden Arztes, nicht zur Weitergabe an den Patienten bestimmt"]

This stamp is crossed out, however.

The diagnosis is an "atypical facial pain in left trigeminus area".

The letter is addressed to one Prof. Dr. med. Hausamen (whom I have never seen or heard about before) and begins by recounting my medical history in much more obscure terms than I could ever hope to choose myself.

The main points of the letter:

Puzzingly, the letter was not signed by Dr. Lorenz, but by one Prof. Dr. med S. Hussein (no giggling, please).

In layman's terms: I am to take lots of pills which make me very dizzy, give myself subtle electrical shocks into the left jaw and receive pain killers at the same time.

Notice that there is no mention of acupuncture anywhere in this letter.

Since getting this letter (in Mid-December 1998, I haven't gone to the doctors.

The main reason is fear, and it's definitely not fear from the unknown.

For once, I know exactly what they want to do to me... After all, I have it in writing.

And that makes me even more afraid.

(Yet another stumped dentist.)

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You are here: Hell On Earth / Health / The Whole Tooth / The Diagnosis in Writing

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