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Yet Another Stumped Dentist

Wednesday, February 17, 1999

This works like a clockwork: Merely one day after concluding the update of to Version 2.00.01, a car almost runs me over and my jaw starts acting up again.

Wednesday: The Accident

It had snowed a lot the previous night, but I couldn't let that deter me from climbing on my bike to ride to work. As I was riding down the regular bike route, a car suddenly sped out of an exit into the bike line.

According to local traffic law, I had the right of way, but when the driver of the Audi saw me, he apparently pressed the gas pedal instead of the brakes, his car crashing headlong into my bike's front wheel.

I began to swear even as I was crashing into the floor:

"You stupid idiot! Can't you --" *THUNK* "-- watch where you're going?"

I got up and looked down at me. Because of the snow, my fall hadn't been that bad: No body parts hurt and my pants weren't even torn this time (when a similar thing happened about a year ago, it caused major knee problems).

The driver got out and began to argue. He claimed I was riding too fast and that his tires slipped due to the snow. He didn't seem to see a need to apologize; after running me over with his mouth he was now trying to run me over with his motormouth, making inane excuses.

I looked at him coldly (it was freezing, after all): "If you wish to continue arguing in this tone, I suggest we call the police."

Immediately, he shifted gears and became considerably more friendly. I was still shaking, but everything else seemed to be fine. My pants were dirty, but not torn.

(I didn't notice my bent front tire until that evening. I didn't notice the bruises on my right leg until a day after that. Also, my gears were broken; eventually, I had to get myself a new bike.)

Thus I decided to drive on, stopping a couple of times to steady myself and tell myself nothing bad had happened.

What a way to start a day. In the late afternoon, I noticed the pain in my jaw was increasing again. Stress? Who cares. It was hurting badly again. I resolved to go to the dental clinic right away the following morning.

Thursday, February 18, 1999

The short version: I spent five hours in the dental clinic, but since they couldn't find my file, they couldn't do anything for me.

I filled thirty sketchbook pages with doodles and drawings while waiting. (One particularly successful doodle shows TBFKAG biting through an external SCSI cable connection.)

I am to return to the dental clinic on Friday, 2 p.m.; they are confident they will have found my file (and my x-rays, and my diagnosis, and...) by then.

My personal theory is that there might be another cavity which is adding to the constant dull pain, raising pain level (similar to what happened last November).

I found out a couple of things: Dr. Hausamen is the head doctor of the dental clinic which is why the letter with the written diagnosis was addressed to him. Dr. Küttner got the diagnosis nonetheless (before my file went missing).

Another young dentist, Martin Kahlstorf, took a peek inside my mouth because the device which is supposed to keep me from grinding my teeth in the night has to be replaced.

Dr. Kahlstorf, of course, wanted to check out my jaw pain and he seems to think it might be caused by the tenseness of my jaw after all. He also scolded me for not cleaning my teeth properly. Since that day, I am obsessively thorough in brushing my teeth, prompting many barbs from my almost-significant other.

"Pain killers, tranquilizers, an impending Change Of The Guard."

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