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The pain killers don't

Friday, February 19, 1999

Dr. Küttner hadn't found my file yet when I arrived at the dental clinic, but he localized it within a few minutes.

We ran though the neurologist's diagnosis again and Dr. Küttner remarked that his instructions to the neurologists had actually been to suggest and initiate some form of alternative treatment (i.e. the electronical TENS device or acupuncture), not just to send back a diagnosis. Another snafu in a series of such situations.

He took an x-ray of the tooth in the right lower jaw which had started to become sensitive and took a look at the upper left tooth which is also aching. He could not find anything wrong, the fillings seemed to be perfectly fine.

Thus, he prescribed light pain killers to be taken three times daily as well as a sleeping pill. The pain killers to ease the ache and the pill to make me sleep more calmly, without grinding my teeth.

Dr. Küttner also revealed that his time at the dental clinic was just about over and that he will soon leave me in the "capable" hands of a new colleague, Dr. Hennies. My new "grind guard" should be ready by Wednesday next week -- then Dr. Küttner will see me again.

Wednesday, February 24, 1999

The pain killers help a bit, but not much. I got a new grind guard from one Burkhard von Schwanewede which looks very fragile but which actually holds up quite well so far.

Sunday, March 7, 1999

Seeing that the pain killers didn't actually kill the pain, I stopped taking them -- I gave them a week to work and they didn't. Also, the sleeping tablets were not doing anything except giving me nightmares.

The pain is not as bad as it was before I took the pills, but it is still there. I have a problem with being on permanent medication, though. I resolved to return to the dental clinic and also to go see Dr. Zwickert as soon as possible.

"They open yet another tooth and find almost nothing."

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