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A Whole New Ball Game

April to June 1999

Yes, there is a good reason why these pages haven't been updated in a while: Too much happened in short succession; I ended up being unable to keep up with reporting on my tooth status, redoing the page layout and completing my workload at the same time.

Hence, this summary.

For once, I Was Examined By A Teenage Dentist -- to be more precise, a late semester student (Ms. Piechot). She kept confusing the numbering of the teeth she was cataloguing and found four fillings which would have to be exchanged as well as two cavities. Then, she cleaned my teeth with a very hard and rough brush causing my gums to hurt for two days. She also had a nasty cold that day, which I contracted - this kept me busy for another next week. I didn't go back to the second consultation.

For the record: In this country, dentists divide the teeth into four quadrants, counting from the middle outside. The upper right jaw is quadrant 1, upper left is q2, and so on.

The physical therapist, Dr. Fink, eventually returned from his vacation, made me go to relaxation therapy and see a psychologist (Mrs. Laux). The relaxation therapy was rather ineffective, since it was at 1 p.m. -- in the middle of the work day.

In the dental clinic, Mr. Kahlstorf started his examinations by issuing some bargain psychological advice. He recommended I should not think about the pain so much, I might be obsessing. He also showed concern about me keeping a written record for those self-same reasons.

It didn't help when I explained that given the complexity of this problem, I simply had to keep tracks of the events -- which is, initially, how this whole web site started.

Then Mr. Kahlstorf ran a number of jaw exams to find out where exactly the pain was coming from. After examining me in three sessions for more than four hours and checking out the MRI scans, he noted that I had a compressed jaw. At the end of the exams, Mr. Kahlstorf announced: "I want to be perfectly honest with you. I am stuck."

For the next session, he called in Professor Dr. Tschernitschek, the head of the jaw surgery department. Dr. Tschernitschek looked at the files, then asked me a few questions, then put his hand in my mouth and squeezed.


At the first try, he had found the exact spot where the pain was, and it wasn't a tooth.

Instead, the source for my pain apparently is the muscle which holds my upper and lower jaw together. The muscle seems to be cramped up, which in turn is causing my pain.

Dr. Tschernitschek also recommended another MRI scan because he noticed some odd-looking areas in the existing scans (this was the second, detailed set of scans).

Simultaneously, I was beginning to see some pain specialists. These sent me to take a bone szintigraphy, a procedure involving a radioactive substance being injected into the bloodstream. A special camera then takes snapshots of the substance's travels through the body and where the radioactive isotope passes through the bone tissues. The results were inconclusive; the bones weren't likely to be the source of my problems.

Eventually, the pain specialists at the general hospital injected my jaw muscle and this actually made the pain disappear locally, for the first time in two years. After two hours, however, the pain was back with a vengeance. They hooked me up to a bio feedback device which is suppose to make me relax better.

The next steps to be taken now:

And, just to drive the point home: My teeth don't seem to be the cause of the problem after all. Most of the drugs in my bathroom drawers were completely useless.

"A new tooth causes an old kind of pain."

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You are here: Hell On Earth / Health / The Whole Tooth / A Whole New Ball Game

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