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Not Another Root Canal!

Tuesday, March 7, 2000

Following the March 2 appointment, the pain stayed with me for a day before decreasing the next day. At my appointment on the following Tuesday, I told Dr. König that there still was discomfort, but nowhere near the pain from the previous week. Once again, he removed the temporary filling and the gauze under the filling and proceeded to tunnel into the -- presumably dead -- roots with tiny paper sticks.

As I have learned since, a dead root will no longer bleed. Dr. König drew blood on two of the root canals. Hence, he once again had to stick his little metal needles into the tooth -- a thoroughly unpleasant business. It wasn't as much the physical discomfort this caused but the sound, as if somebody were cleaning a drain inside my mouth. There was some pain too, and despite the assurance of the doctor that "this time, there should be no pain whatsoever", the consequences of his actions remained with me for two days.

The following Wednesday I went back again, he found blood again, he had to clean the roots out again. I asked whether this kind of thing was common. He looked at me sternly and said that this was the first time a patient needed four sessions preparing for a root canal in his practice before. Hey, I got a record!

The next week was marvelous. No pain at all, none whatsoever. The damn tooth was finally dead for good. With high spirits, I looked forward to my next appointment. Note: Never look forward to a dentist's appointment; you'll always be sorry you did.

Thursday, March 23, 2000

The next Thursday, I sat down in the dentist's chair with a calm, confident smile. This time, it wasn't me who was in pain: Dr. König was, though. "Back pains, it comes with the profession," he said. Leaning over patients all day long apparently wasn't too healthy. I sympathized and recommended cycling -- it helped my back, why shouldn't it help his?

He asked how I was doing, I affirmed my belief that the tooth had calmed down and he proceeded to clean the roots. The paper picks were clear; no more blood. He asked whether I'd agree to have him fill the roots now and I did. I wanted to get over with it.

The procedure was almost painless. Once he touched something which he shouldn't have and I almost yelled. He withdrew the root filling a bit and I calmed down. He fused the plastic root fillings together and sealed everything hermetically. He said that the root filling might feel strange for a few days, but that it should pass. He set the next appointment for late April -- four weeks without a dentist's appointment; it was like a vacation. I was amazed: There was no pain, no pain at all.

It couldn't last, of course. And it didn't. For about eighteen hours, I was without tooth pain, then the pressure started. The tooth hurt in the strangest way... every time I drank something hot, it was as if the dead tooth wanted to burst. Every time I drank something cold, there was a strange pain. After a week, I finally realized where the problem came from: I was grinding my teeth and the night guards didn't help -- they made the grinding worse. When I removed the grind guards, I slept better and had less pain in my teeth the next morning. I will try to do without them for a while. And I will enjoy my vacation.

Things finally looked up for a while.
Not that it lasted, though...

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You are here: Hell On Earth / Health / The Whole Tooth / Not Another Root Canal!

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