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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a FAQ

The Reasoning Behind These Pages

Is This Masochism or Self-Pity

Why the Doctors are listed with their Real Names

"This is God's Punishment For You Because You Don't Believe In Him"

What About Your Wisdom Teeth

I have Similar Problems, Help Me [UPDATED]

Additional Information and Links

  1. This is a WHAT?

    F.A.Q. = Frequently Asked Questions, a list of questions and answers which I get asked a lot.

  2. Why do you maintain these pages?
    Initially, because I was losing track of all the events. Then, because when I get asked the same question(s) several times a day, by miscellaneous colleagues, friends, acquaintances and family members "what's wrong with you, anyway, you don't look sick..." and it hurts to talk because I am presently trying not to double over due to a pain attack, it's good to be able to reply: "Do you have Internet access? Why don't you check out my current health status on my web pages; all your questions are answered there."

  3. Are you a masochist?
    I wish I were. No, I'm not. And I'm not wailing in self-pity either, I just want to record everything that is happening with this tooth situation until it is resolved. This way, I have a more or less reliable diary of past events and I keep needless questions to a minimum (see 2.)

  4. Why do you list the doctor's names, but not your own?
    There are two reasons. Initially, I had anonymized them into Doctor A, Dentist B and so on. As the list got bigger, sometimes I got confused and so, apparently, did the readers. Since none of this is made up, I decided that the risk of being sued for slander is minimal and that by using the real names, everybody would have an easier job in keeping track of events. (Added Bonus: Being a somewhat mischievous individual, I am waiting for the day when Dr. Peter Dietrich will be looking for his name on the Internet and find himself immortalized as the quack who caused this whole disaster.)

    As to the second part of the question: You will not believe this, but I am shy. If you want to know my name, send me an e-mail asking nicely and I will most likely respond. My real name is plastered across the Net already anyway; there's no need to increase that number.

  5. You do realize this is God's punishment for not believing?
    Frankly, I don't think so. It's true, I do not believe in God, but if you are a Christian and still asking that question, you display an amazing degree of ignorance of the Bible. The Christian God is one of forgiveness (New Testament) while the Judaist God is a God of Vengeance (Old Testament). If you believe in a Vengeful God and still call yourself a Christian, you either haven't been paying attention or you have paid attention to the wrong "Christian Leaders".
    (Initially, I was going to add to this question a note stating that if this should indeed be God's way of punishing a non-believer, this God would have to be petty, rather silly, childish, egotistical and that she/he could effectively kiss my rear end, but that would have been gratuitious and thus I am not adding it.)
    And I don't believe my Body Thetan Clusters are to blame here either... <grin>

  6. Might your problems be related to your wisdom teeth?

    My wisdom teeth cannot be blamed for this situation, since all four of them were removed in 1988. I have very vivid memories of the event -- the day the second pair of wisdom teeth was pulled, the anesthesist miscalculated the dosage and my jaw began to "wake up" as the operating dental surgeon still had a plier inside the hole where my lower right wisdom tooth had been. (My terrified howls of pain were heard clearly in the adjacent operating room, I was later told.)

  7. I have a similar problem. Can you help?

    To be brutally frank: I would love to, but sadly I can't. If you haven't noticed, so far none of the doctors I consulted have found a permanent and absolute solution to my problems. I can give you some general advice about how to act if you suffer from dental pain, though.

  8. Do you have additional links about long-term dental problems?

    There could be a list of links on these pages with additional information about root canal surgery, long-term dental problems and non-localized tooth pains -- however, I lack the time and energy to look for them. If you have links of this kind, please e-mail them to me so I can make them accessible to everybody who visits this site.

The present problem began in June, 1997. For the whole tooth, start reading here.

The latest tooth status is always posted at

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You are here: Hell On Earth / Health / The Whole Tooth / FAQ

"The Continuing Health Crisis" is an 100% true account of MOATMAI's health problems. It is intended to keep all friends and enemies informed about his current status. The Whole FAQ.

First Visit? You might want to check out the summary before continuing.

Current Status: The root canal, it is done. The tooth is dead. And the pain? Well...

The whole mess began in June, 1997. The Whole Tooth starts here.

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