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Exit The Dragon (7k)

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The Dragon Breathes (10k)

Avoiding a fiery death in Tomb Raider II's Penultimate Level

Is this you?

"Help! I am stuck in a emerald room with a fire-breathing dragon. Lara has turned into a curvaceous matchstick with a penchant for saying "unngh" and falling to the floor in a heap a lot."

Exit The Dragon

Lara Croft certainly doesn't have the shape of a matchstick. So why is she so easily set on fire?

A flame touches her and she ignites immediately, followed by an "unngh" and a "thump" when she falls down, dead and still burning.

Bad luck, then, that her main opponent is a dragon who, as the game designers would have it, hurls big flaming fireballs!

Should you be stuck in Tomb Raider II with a fire-breathing dragon giving you a light every five minutes, there is a way to win.

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The Easy Way To Beat The Dragon

This is not a fun way to complete the game. It is easy, though, and if you have a life (maybe even a family), you won't want to spend a month getting wasted by a dragon.

This is the messy, easy way to kill the dragon. If you want to kill the dragon with your bare hands and your own skills, do try and stop reading right here. Last chance to turn back...

After dispatching the ninjas, you enter a huge room with four big pillars and a seemingly dead man in the center. Make yourself familiar with the room without getting into the center square delimited by the pillars. Look for some big, closed emerald doors which you will have to escape through later on.

Before you approach the pillars, do the ammo cheat.

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TR II Ammo Cheat

Assumption: You are playing TR II using your keyboard as your game controller and you are using the default keyboard configuration. If you aren't, you will have to translate these instructions using the manual.

Now choose the UZI as your weapon (Keyboard shortcut: 4) to kill the big bad dragon.

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A Coward's Strategy Against The Dragon

Position yourself centrally on a wall of the room. Draw your Uzi's.

Walk forward towards the seemingly dead man. When you cross into the area surrounded by the emerald pillars, the man will start to glow, an explosion will happen and suddenly there be dragons or, rather, one dragon.

When the explosion starts, keep jumping backwards (press the ALT and ARROW DOWN key simultaneously) until you are behind the pillars. Start shooting at the dragon while doing sideways jumps (ALT and ARROW RIGHT keys) in either direction, evading the fire.

The dragon's stomping sounds, by the way, bear an uncanny semblance to the drum pattern of Queen's "We Will Rock You". Don't let this distract you while you are playing.

Keep jumping sideways and shooting at the same time, using the pillars to get out of harm's way. If you do this right by alternately jumping in either direction while spitting bullets all the time, you should be able to take the dragon down right away (after about half a minute of mindless slaughter).

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If Lara Catches Fire

Should you catch fire, jump into a pool. Be careful where you come out, though: Often, you will find the dragon waiting for you with his fiery breath. If you don't see the beastie when you emerge from the water, immediately do a roll (press the END key on your keyboard), maybe even a jump roll (ALT and END, simultaneously) while drawing your weapons (SPACE BAR) and start firing.

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Get The Dagger

If you have attentively watched the intro, you will understand why the dragon's still breathing even though he's down. Hurry now. Run, don't walk towards the soft side of his belly and grab the Dagger Of Xian which is sticking out here.

To be on the safe side, while you approach the monstrous beast keep shooting to keep him down. Jump over him if he fell with his back towards you.

If you take too much time looking and running, the dragon will get up again and the fight will start all over. He dies faster the second time around, though.

Once you have the dagger, the temple will start to fall apart. Look for the emerald exit doors which should have opened. Run into the tunnel. Keep running, don't stop. The game will switch to a FMV (Full Motion Video) scene and you have cleared the level.

The game ain't over yet, though... however, since the last level is fairly easy, I don't see a reason for spoiling the rest of it.

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Do you think you deserve some eye candy? Well, this is what your efforts SHOULD look like now.

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