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This page links you to the complete walkthrough for the 1998 computer adventure game from Neo Software.


Hint for the Keystone Puzzle

If you don't want to spoil your fun, but you are having problems with the keystone puzzle, look at this page and make notes.

There are three versions of the Walkthrough available. All contain General Notes, a Question & Answers section and the Complete Walkthrough, in that order:

HTML Version (High Bandwidth)

This is an elaborate, hyperlinked HTML file with inline images which offer additional hints. JavaScript is recommended, although not neccessary.

HTML Version (Low Bandwidth)

This is a hyperlinked HTML file, no images.

Plain Text Version

This is a plain ASCII text file. There are no visual hints.

Screenshots with Direct Pointers

Scenes from the game with targets where you have to click and some navigational help.

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Hell On Earth > Hints > Rent-A-Hero Walkthrough: Main Page

This page last updated on November 20, 1998.