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"They were drunk. That's the only explanation"
  (The real explanation for the AVENGERS movie fiasco.)

"Did you drink alcohol while working on Con-Air?"
  (Hollywood actors tell all.)

"Introducing the SPIC GIRLS!!!"
  (Once again, the Japanese adapt and improve.)

"For an orchestra director, there are not enough ways of enforcing authority."
  (MOATMAI found a solution to this problem.)

"Suddenly, Bill Gates Pulled Out A Handgun."
  (This was written just after the filing of the DOJ's lawsuit in May 1998.)

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This Section Is Dedicated With All Of Our Little Black Hearts To Susan Powter (the workout chick.)

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Boozers on The Avengers
Drunkards of Con Air
The Spic Girls
Director vs. Orchestra
Bill Gates Shoots Himself
Drunks On Con Air

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