New From Japan: Say Hello To The

Traditionally, Japan's answer to Western Innovations has been to copy Western ideas, improve them and sell them back to their originators.

Electronic appliances are a case in point: Television is definitely not a Japanese invention but... when was the last time you bought an American TV set?

Now, they have set their sight on Pop Music.

The invasion began in the Seventies, with YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA, followed up in the 80's by RYUICHI SAKAMOTO, and finally following through in the 90's with PIZZICATO FIVE and TOWA TEI.

Now, on the verge to the new Millenium, they have finally concocted the ultimate success formula.


It's The Sensational SPIC GIRLS!

They're four.

(Groups of four last longer than groups of five. Just like a Nissan is going to last longer than that rusty Dodge.)

None of them has ever posed as a page-3-glamour girl. And they come complete with ready-made nicknames! Nothing will be left to chance!!!

[Meet The SPIC GIRLS!]

Sassy Spic! Chubby Spic! Long-Haired Spic! Plain Spic!