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Production Showcase: Visual Highlights of The Avengers

Appendix B to the "Avengers" movie review


Alice, the gun-toting little old lady -- a Secret Agent of the Ministry. At one point she holds Sir August at gunpoint; but the scene pictured below is the most memorable shot. (To see Alice drunk, click here.)

Do not mess with this lady.


Seeking to escape the amorous advances of Sir August, a drugged "Emma Peel" ends up in a staircase borrowed from surreal artist M.C. Escher. The image below is a composite of five frames: "Emma" walks in through the door of the upper right, steps down the stairs and ends up exactly where she started. Eventually, she leaps out of a painted window.

The Escheresque Staircase


Invisible Jones works in the archives of the Ministry and he holds the keys to the plot. He's a former secret agent who had an accident with an invisibility serum. The voice obviously belongs to Patrick Macnee, the original John Steed; his contours can be seen briefly at the end of his scene (look for the bumps in the projected image).

Invisible Jones. Look close,


Emma Peel and John Steed walk across the Thames in giant inflated spheres. Unfortunately, this scene lasts barely a few seconds.

The big spheres, Scene One
The Big Spheres, Close-Up


Sir August de Wynter gets his own baton shoved through his chest by "John Steed". A lightning emanating from Sir August's own weather machine connects with the baton and pulls de Wynter into the air. (Is this what's considered a "sparkling performance" these days?)

Payback time. The ham is done!
Struck by lightning...An electric performance.
Good riddance, Sir August.

(Were you aware that when you are hit by lightning, it looks a lot as if you were being filtered in Photoshop? How strange.)

(Images taken from the DVD of "The Avengers ", © 1998 by Warner Brothers)

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